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Bristol Removal

Bristol Removal : Tips For Moving House In The Rain

Bristol removal companies should be researched properly before you hire them. Not all are equal, and some are far better than others. But choosing your removals South West based company is not the only thing you need to think about when moving home. The weather can play an important part in how easy – or otherwise – your house move is. Moving home when it is raining can have an impact on your day. It will make a difference to how quickly your removals company can work, and where you can put your belongings as they are loaded and unloaded.

When it comes to Bristol removals , packing as much as possible at least two weeks before your move date is recommended. Being prepared becomes even more important if you then find there is rain forecast on your moving day. You won’t want any half-finished, open boxes left out in the rain as this will damage your belongings. If the weather is poor on your moving day, you may want to consider investing in plastic matting for both your old and new homes. You, your family and the Bristol van removals men will necessarily have to walk to and fro within both properties, so protecting carpets from wet and potentially muddy footprints is a good idea.

While your furniture and other precious belongings are unlikely to be out in poor weather for long, make sure you protect key items such as mattresses, sofas and paintings with plastic wrapping where possible. If you need further advice on moving home, why not ask us at The Man With Van Network? We’re acknowledged experts on all aspects of domestic removals. If you’re ready for a quote for van removals Bristol or South West based, simply get in touch with us via the quote form on our website ( ) or by giving us a call on 0117 951 3180.

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