Removal Companies Cheltenham

Removal Companies Cheltenham

Removal Companies Cheltenham : Useful Packing Hacks

Removal companies Cheltenham are vital resources for people in the run up to their moving day. Without a good removals South West based firm, everything will be much more stressful, and take longer, than it needs to. But to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day, it is essential to be as prepared in advance as possible. That way, you will not have to worry about packing at the last minute. This article looks at a few useful packing ‘hacks’ that will make the job even quicker and easier at both ends.

Take clothing, for example: this can take up a large amount of room. Rolling items rather than folding them will maximise your packing space. Not only does this reduce wrinkles when you come to unpack, it will also mean your removal company Cheltenham based will have fewer boxes to move. Use shower caps to cover the dirty soles of shoes, thus preventing them dirtying the rest of the clothes they are packed with. Put smaller items within shoes to make use of the extra space, and also to help them keep their shape while they’re packed. Moreover, towels, bed linen and so on can be utilised as packing material, wrapped around furniture and other breakables!

It’s an especially good idea to use them to wrap the legs of sofas, tables and so on. This will prevent scratches and marks during the move; and will also help you slide them into place in your new home. If furniture needs disassembling and reassembling at the other end, place all the screws, Allen keys and so on in a sandwich bag and tape them to the relevant piece to make them easier to find. Bed mattresses can be protected from dust and dirt by covering them with two fitted sheets, one either side. Never overload packing boxes with too much weight. Not only will your Cheltenham removal company not thank you for it, you increase the risk of boxes collapsing in transit.

During removals Cheltenham and beyond, mix light and heavy items within boxes to spread the load more evenly. Heavy items, such as books, can benefit from being packed in wheeled suitcases, making them easier to transport. Don’t forget, if you have time, to attach labels to all boxes, cases and so on with a brief note of what is in each one. This will save time and frustration while unpacking. If you are ready to get costs from removal companies in Cheltenham, then get in touch with The Man With Van Network on 0117 951 3180 or See our website at for more tips on ensuring your house move runs smoothly!

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