Removal Companies Swindon

Removal Companies Swindon

Removal Companies Swindon : Top Tips For First Time Movers

Removal companies Swindon deal with many different types of movers. Some have done it all before and are old hands at moving their belongings from place to place. But for first time movers, it can be a daunting prospect. This often results in putting off important jobs until the last minute. A good removals South West team can help in some ways, but when it comes to getting prepared to move, the mover needs to be ready. As soon as you have a date for your relocation, don’t delay: start planning right away.

Your first important task is to make a priority packing list. If you are a first-time mover, it may be that you are moving from your parents’ home. In this case, some things can stay behind, with your parents’ permission, of course. Perhaps you’re moving in with a partner for the first time. In this case, you may have duplicate items. It’s worth ensuring you only move what you need, as most Swindon removals companies charge by volume and so decluttering can reduce costs. Label furniture items and boxes that are to be removed, so on arrival your removals Swindon based company will know what is to go and what’s staying.

It’s unlikely that you will have chance to unpack everything straight away at your new home. Therefore, have a box or two of essentials that you know you will want as soon as you move in, containing items that will make your life more comfortable in the early stages. This might include the TV remote, the kettle and a change of clothes, for instance! Again, label this box clearly. Another consideration is not to overpack boxes. While removal companies in Swindon are used to carrying heavy weights, there’s always a risk a box might collapse if full of books, for instance. Pack a mixture of heavy and light items evenly in each box to avoid this.

The importance of labelling every box with details of the contents within cannot be overstated. It’s a time-consuming job to open each one up every time you need a particular item. It will also assist your removal men to deposit each box in the right room on arrival. If you are looking for cheap removal companies Swindon or beyond, why not approach The Man With Van Network for a free, no obligation quote at ? We have all the resources you need to move home. Contact us on 0117 951 3180 or

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