Removals Cheltenham

Removals Cheltenham

Removals Cheltenham Firms And How To Avoid The Hidden Costs Of Moving

Removals Cheltenham wide can be a costly business. Very often, though, it is not necessarily the charge initially quoted by the removals company that breaks the bank, but hidden costs that mount up along the way. Moving from one place to another can be complex and stressful, and it’s so easy to forget an essential task or item. It’s also a time when unexpected things can go wrong. Some aspects are your responsibility; others can be discussed and agreed in advance with your removals South West team. Forward planning will certainly help keep costs down. Here, we cover just a few tips to get you started.

Planning House Removals South West Wide Well In Advance

The best advice from any expert on moving house is to plan as much in advance as possible. It’s definitely a time to make lists to ensure that every necessary task is completed. Once you have a date for your move, be as honest and specific as possible with the house removals Swindon or Cheltenham based experts you choose. Don’t just estimate the amount that needs moving; list it. Remember outdoor spaces such as sheds and garages; as well as unseen inner storage, like that cupboard under the stairs, the loft, and the airing cupboard. Schedule plenty of time for clearing them out and disposing of unwanted items. You’d be amazed at just how much these hidden spaces hold. Next, build a rapport with your Cheltenham removals company – speak to them as frequently as necessary in the run-up to the move and above all, keep them informed, especially if your completion date may change. If your plans alter, they’ll be more likely to accommodate you if you’ve been open and upfront about the possibility. Likewise, agree in advance with your removalists what will happen if the move overruns. Most have a specific policy, which may be that you will be charged at a premium rate for any overtime incurred. If possible, find a company that charges a flat hourly rate; then you know where you stand and can budget accordingly. Next, check out street access to your current and new properties. Arrange for parking permits if necessary, or ask neighbours to keep the space clear for the removals van on the day to avoid hold-ups in loading and unloading.

Ensuring Your Day Runs Smoothly When Undertaking Home Removals Cheltenham Wide

There are plenty of other things you can do in advance to facilitate home removals Cheltenham on the day. Why not note these tasks down on your calendar so you don’t forget anything vital? When visiting your new property, take along measurements of your larger pieces of furniture – sofas, wardrobes and so on. You need to check that these will fit through the front or back door, after all! Also, ascertain whether they will fit comfortably in their intended rooms. There’s little point in paying to remove that grand piano if you then find it will overwhelm the living room and must be sold. Next, ask your removals Cheltenham specialists how they usually pack the van. If larger furniture items go in first, it will really slow things down if you’ve stacked packed boxes in the way. If, by contrast, the movers stow boxes in the van first, consider moving these down to the hallway before they arrive to save time – and money. Ensure you have emptied and defrosted your fridge and freezer at least 24 hours before the removals men are due. Likewise, ensure the washing machine is drained. Resolving these kinds of issues at the last minute will eat into your allotted move time and can cause rising costs. Lastly, although we love our children and pets, they can cause delays if they’re over-excited. Better to have them stay with family on the day of the move itself. If you’re searching for removal companies Cheltenham wide, The Man With Van Network has tons of experience and advice such as the above.

The Best Team In Removals Cheltenham Has To Be The Man With Van Network

We’re The Man With Van Network. Over the last ten years, we’ve made a huge, positive impact South West wide by helping people just like you to move home – and the testimonials we’ve received back that up. If you’re moving to or within Cheltenham, or anywhere in the South West and need a removals Cheltenham team, then why not log on to our website to get a free quote today? We’re sure our price for removals South West will beat any other quote you’ve had, without compromising on quality. Visit our easy-to-use website at , or ring us on 0117 951 3180 with queries. We look forward to hearing from you – and working with you – soon.

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